Top 3 Python Courses

If you’re familiar with blockchain already, you know that maintaining a blockchain requires a lot of complicated computations to process transactions and add them to the chain, making python a leading tool for working with cryptocurrencies. Python is the preferred coding language among dApp(decentralized app) developers because python offers a wide library of functions and built-in modules to make your experience more streamlined. In addition, according to the Python Software Foundation, as of the first quarter of 2019, there were over 175,000 third party python software tools to streamline the coding process.

Python isn’t the leading programming language in the cryptocurrency world for a coincidence. Think of coding like writing. Most coding languages are good to write small amounts like a weekly blog, or a short story, or an essay because you have to write it out word per word, like you would coding. But if you want to sell a book, you need to write a lot more, just like if you want to code decentralized apps, they have to be able to process a lot more information more quickly and thus will require more code to work through those barriers. Coding with python would essentially allow you to just write the book chapters, and the remainder of the writing is already largely available, you just have to put it together. Meaning, most of the pieces of code and the tools you will need are out there, you just have to be able to put them together.

This makes python the coding language of the future. As we move into a more developed of artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain and so on, the coding languages also have to grow to facilitate user capabilities. Learning python today won’t just help you with crypto, but it will set you up for jobs in financial technology and much more.  The best way to get ahead of the curve with python coding is through online courses. Certificates in coding and app development as just as educational if not more so than a degree in computer science from most universities. We have picked some awesome classes that we think will help you get on your way with learning how to code python.

  1. Learn Python from Scratch in Python Online Course for Beginners – Course Description: “By now, you should have probably heard that you can use Python programming language for almost anything. It’s incredibly flexible and useful for so many people doing different jobs from data scientists to web or software developers. Python is one of the best-known programming languages in the world, endorsed by hoards of various specialists for its readability and flexibility. This Python online course is going to introduce you to this tool, enabling you to start basic scripting, condition handling, you’ll learn what are loops all about, and other things.”
  2. Python Course To Become a Highly in Demand Programmer – Course Description:A quick fact for starters: statistics revealed that around 60% of parents of the US primary school students preferred Python over French as a language that has to be taught in primary school.  Now there are increasingly more grown-up students who want to add Python on their list of competencies. My course has attracted over 40,000 students! The good news is that this Python course will effectively accelerate you through Python basics. Continue learning, and you’ll stand out as an in-demand specialist in the world of programming.“
  3. Simple and Extensive Python 3 Tutorial: Learn Python Basics From Scratch – Course Description: “This Python 3 tutorial is not only straightforward and easy for beginners but will also give you a full understanding of how Python 3 functions. The 3rd Python version is the newest, so you can be sure that you will be learning Python data types and functions that are still relevant in today’s programming and testing.” 

We hope these courses help you get on your journey to learning to code python and that you hopefully understand the impact that python will have in the future of technology and software development. 

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