Social Media Marketing Basics

With billions of people online everyday buying stuff, you are missing out if you are not on social media. While we are accustomed to hearing of the same top social media platforms, there are as many as 200 social media platforms. With this much activity, its important that you make your print in the world and get your word out to your audience as much as you can.

In order to succeed in social media you have to stay true to your brand. Previously we talked about branding, and it is crucial in social media. Creating an identity that viewers connect with will draw them to whatever your product you’re selling. Your social media needs to be an extension of the experience that your customers get when they purchase your product, thus they need to be and extension of the seller identity and persona.

Find the Social Media Site for You

With hundreds of channels out there it may be difficult for some to find the right site for them. If you’re just getting started and aren’t looking for anything too complicated, you should begin with the traditional three: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These three are our favorite social media sites because they are the most popular right now so you are able to share your content with a wider audience.


The key to creating an image online is consistency, both in the quality of your work and on how frequently you deliver. In order to get high and consistent engagement on your social media, you also need to post high content and on a consistent calendar. If you’re starting out, trying post about 2-3 times a day at distant times, and eventually you will be able to monitor your social media and see the times of highest engagement and schedule your posts for then. Before posting anything make sure that you double check all of the images and that you proof read and spell check all of your posts. Creating a strong image for your brand is important and when you are delivering your message in short bites on social media, mistakes are noticeable and paint a sloppy image.

Engaging with Your Community

The best way to get your page to be noticed is for you to get your page out there. Follow all of the top hash tags in your field and industry and engage with the recent posts under that hashtag. Comment on the picture, respond to a question they asked, answer a poll, but whatever you do, make sure that it’s on brand. Don’t just comment on any post, make sure that you are commenting is relevant and adds to the conversation. Show the reader that they should come your page.

Responding and Adapting

Not everything you try will work, so you have to make sure to pay close attention to how your social media pages are doing and consider how you plan on using each on moving forward. If you notice a specific social media page bring in more traffic or more sales you might consider spending more time working on the content for that page, or even get some paid ads on that page. On the other hand, if it is not working so well you might consider reducing how much you post on a certain page, changing the style of content you are posting or not post on that page at all.

Ultimately, social media is all about authenticity and making sure that you stay true to your brand. If you follow your brand you will be able to create a wonderful community on your social media pages that support you and what you are working on.

This post was written in collaboration with DWP, check them out at

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