How to Market a Book

Whether you’re self publishing or an up and coming author, you have got to learn to market your books! Self publishing can be fairly simple now-a-days but without a good marketing plan behind your book, you probably won’t get anybody buying your book. Ultimately, the only people are going to get to know you and your style of writing is through pre-publishing marketing.

When you’re marketing a book, you are selling your audience on an experience, and they will not be willing to indulge unless they know what they are paying for. Before you even start writing your book down you should be getting yourself out there. So let’s look at what it takes to have a successful book launch.


The first and most important step is creating a brand. This means creating an identity for you and for your writing. This doesn’t have to be a personal profile, you can use a pseudonym or adopt a persona that you feel and exude in your writing but that may not be who you present. The important part is that your brand is authentic, unique and consistent. That way you will be able to build a strong and consistent following that will like you and your style and this be more willing to spend the money to indulge in the art that you are creating.

Marketing Yourself

When you have created a brand for you and your writing, its for you to let people know who you are. Start by creating some social media channels and looking for communities that can help give you feedback on your writing and help you gain followers. On twitter the #WritingCommunity is very strong and tight knit and are always helping one another, as well as the Blogging community with their many follow threads supporting small and emerging writers.

Getting yourself and parts of your writing out there is important so that people can start to get acquainted with what your writing style is before you ask them to commit to paying for your art.

Creating a Blog

In addition to social media, you should be sharing your writing online, both to help you gain a loyal readership and to help you get some feedback. If you’re planning on launching a book, you could even share small parts on the book on your blog as a preview to entice customers into purchasing the book to finish the read. Make sure that what you post on your blog is polished and thought out and that it will help you attract the audience that would potentially be buying your book.

Selling Your Book for Free

This may sound crazy, yes, but giving away a couple free copies and then start selling your book at your actual price may help you get some more reviews on the pages the customers got the books from, and reviews tend to increase with book sales. If you have hard copies of your book, you should also try doing giveaways of your book on social media to get people to follow your pages, engage with your posts ultimately working as free marketing for your social channels and potentially a reader will be so devastated by not being picked that they buy your book anyways.

We hope that this helps you get on your way to publishing your book and having a successful marketing campaign to drive sales.

This blog was co-written with DWPerf, be sure to check them out at

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