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How to Make a Killer Online Class | What Is Pedagogy?

The Internet has made it so that just about anyone can hop on a computer and put all of their ideas out there. There is a reason why online classes are one of the fastest growing markets in the US, and its because everyone thinks that they have got something worth saying. But does experience […]

NuruCoin Closes Offices With 27$ Million In Investor Funds

NuruCoin was the latest sh*tcoin to scam 11 thousand investors out of 2.7 billion KES (approximately $27 million dollar). According to a local news site, a company by the name of ChurchBlaze, operated by the son of a priest, would congregate in religious buildings after hours to tell local Kenyans of business opportunities that offered […]

“Blockchain Technology” To Be Taught By Indian Government

As mentioned in the course description, the Indian government is noticing the widespread usage of blockchain, specifically with storing and sharing large amounts of data in incorruptible systems. As a response, the Indian Ministry of Power, through the National Power Training Institute is offering a blockchain technology class, according to Bitcoin.com. The class consists of […]

Warnings Come from Beijing About Cryptocurrency Usage

On December 27, 2019 several government agencies from the Chinese government released a joint statements reminding users about the illegality of cryptocurrency usage in China. Rules previously implemented in 2017 had banned all businesses from using cryptocurrency in anyway, specifically banning initial coin offerings, and any digital financial activity. The organizations issuing the statement include […]

Top 3 Python Courses

If you’re familiar with blockchain already, you know that maintaining a blockchain requires a lot of complicated computations to process transactions and add them to the chain, making python a leading tool for working with cryptocurrencies. Python is the preferred coding language among dApp(decentralized app) developers because python offers a wide library of functions and […]



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